Jitterbug is offline effective immediately.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time or the passion to update and keep the app healthy. It was a passion project, and when the passion went away, so did any reasons for me wasting resources on this.

Thank you everybody who gave it a spin I hope it was useful for a short time, but now we all must move on.

Regards, Silviu

New Feature: Cash Tracking

One of the features I really missed from the old Google Finance and one of the reasons I built Jitterbug in the first place is cash tracking. Since this week, I will miss it no more.

Since version 1.2, Jitterbug supports cash tracking per individual portfolio. When this feature is enabled it exposes a portfolio cash balance to where you deposit or withdraw cash from.

To turn cash tracking on, you have to activate it either when you create a new portfolio or from the edit portfolio dialog option.

Cash Tracking Screenshot

The main utility of tracking cash is about letting you know how much spending power you have before pulling the trigger on a certain stock. Also, it's a good warning system for lingering cash; money that's sitting idle and not doing anything.

Secondly, tracking per portfolio cash will enable Jitterbug to offer you more insightful performance reporting of your trading activity. But that will be coming in the future.

I hope you'll find this as useful as I do! 😉

Now Desktop Optimized

Jitterbug is and will always be focused on mobile use. A quick glance in the morning to see what your plays are up to. So, when it was launched at the beginning of August, its interface was strictly optimized for handheld devices.

This means that if you tried using it from a laptop or desktop screen, the interface looked a bit broken. From today that won’t be the case. It’s not really a rethinking of how the app looks or behaves, it’s just a bit more friendly with wider screens.


Desktop Screenshot

Jitterbug is Online

First version of Jitterbug was launched today, the 8th of August 2019.

When Google Finance changed dramatically in 2017, I wanted a tool to replicate the functionality that was lost when it comes to portfolio tracking.

This app should be:

  • an easy way to track multiple portfolios
  • independent of any brokering company one is using
  • able to track historical performance of your portfolios
  • able to keep track the cash in the portfolio (coming soon)
  • easy to use on the go
  • ethical when it comes to tracking people's behavior

Basically a portfolio tracking app for the Robinhood generation.

If you want a super simple way to keep an eye on your darling stocks, then give Jitterbug a try.

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